CIPD HR and Training Qualifications


11 August 2015
Achieving an internationally-recognised CIPD qualification will give you expert knowledge of HR, L&D and other specialist areas. CIPD qualifications are:
  • highly practical and relevant to today’s business environment
  • highly valued by employers around the world
  • a pathway to CIPD professional membership
A CIPD professional qualification shows current and potential employers that you have the business understanding and the latest technical knowledge they are looking for. It will increase your employability and salary prospects and therefore advance your career.
Which qualification is right for you?
Foundation Level Qualifications - Starting out in HR or L&D
A CIPD foundation level qualification is ideal if you want to gain the essential knowledge and skills required to move into HR or L&D, or if you’re working at a support level in HR or L&D and don’t hold a formal qualification. It’s also beneficial for managers with responsibility for people management and development.
Intermediate Level Qualifications - Developing your knowledge in HR or L&D
Set at undergraduate level, a CIPD intermediate level qualification is great if you want to progress your career by further developing your knowledge and skills and building expertise in HR or L&D specialist subjects. You’ll increase your understanding of organisations whilst developing your planning, analytical and problem solving skills.
Advanced Level Qualifications - Advancing to a strategic level in HR or L&D
CIPD advanced level qualifications are set at postgraduate level and develop your understanding of organisations and the external context within which HR and L&D operates. Using critical analysis, self-reflection and problem-solving techniques, you’ll learn how to develop and implement creative and strategic HR and L&D solutions that drive organisational performance.
At each level you can follow an HR or L&D pathway or a combination of both. Our qualifications consist of a number of units across HR and L&D subjects. The number of units you choose (within rules of combination) will determine the size of your qualification.

Ideal if you just want bite-sized knowledge of a particular subject relevant to your area of work.

A more rounded qualification where you'll cover a range of essential subject areas.
Covers a wider breadth of subjects in key generalists and selected specialist areas.
Successful completion of the CIPD’s Certificate or Diploma qualification (at any level) gives you Associate membership, CIPD’s first level of professional membership. You’ll be entitled to use the letters Assoc CIPD after your name to showcase your professional credentials.
Successful completion of the Advanced level Diploma gives you the underpinning knowledge to apply for CIPD Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow (subject to eligibility).
Each year more than 12,000 individuals join our HR, L&D and specialist study programmes. You can study CIPD qualifications at universities, colleges and training providers in the Middle East and internationally. Most of our centres offer a range of flexible study options to fit in with your busy schedule.
To find out which qualification is right for you, visit CIPD Qualification Finder or call us on +44 (0)20 8612 6208.

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