Qatar - resource links

Website of Gulf News an English language newspaper established in 1978. Covers world news and news throughout the Gulf regions with specific sections on UAE , Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Free registration gains users access to daily news updates.
Provides links to free online Qatar newspapers covering local issues, politics, events, celebrations, people and business. Covers papers in English and Arabic.
State-run radio.
Established in 1975, state-run.
A list of Qatar newspapers and news websites.
The official gateway to the information and services you need to live, work or stay in Qatar.
ASEFESO, A. (2014) CEO guide to doing business in Middle East: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar. 2nd Ed. Swindon: A.A. Global Sourcing.
Information on the municipalities, cities and localities of Qatar.
Formed by a merger in 2013 of the General Secretariat for Development Planning and the Qatar Statistics Authority. Includes statistics on the economy, population and social statistics including labour force and education.
Website of facts and statistics about Qatar. Topics covered include the economy, education, government, industry and labour.
A national project to promote a knowledge-based society by harmonising statistics from various government departments. Covers statistics on education, the economy, health and population.
Country profile offering basic statistics on economic and social indicators
In-depth country analysis on economic and political environment. Free registration gives access to executive summaries of 17 detailed industry reports. key articles and White Papers.
Introductory advice on culture, etiquette and life in general in Qatar.
Recruitment website listing jobs from top employers and recruitment agencies in Qatar. Also has a salary calculator for the region.
Q&A on on doing business in Qatar covering investment, corporate governance, employment, tax etc.
Represents and supports the business community in Qatar, and includes a directory of memberships and businesses arranged by category and industry.
Website providing business intelligence on Qatar and the wider the Middle East and North Africa. Provides detailed profiles on companies and projects in the region, tools, news, investment information and research. Registration gains users access to a range of alerts, emails and bulletins. Now part of Thomson Reuters.