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This report draws upon original research from over 1,000 HR decision-makers across the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The report references several other important key sources and seeks to build a picture of current and future workforce priorities facing the region – addressing how these are being impacted by a dynamic social, political and economic context.

Published: November 2015

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This report explores how the themes on transformational change, identified in the first report, apply in practice. Case studies from four organisations provide practical examples of how organisations have approached transformational change.

The report also includes recommendations that HR, OD and L&D professionals should consider for their organisations and their own skill set, if they are to be successful expert initiators and facilitators of transformational change.

Published: September 2015

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This research explores how organisations in the Middle East use HR analytics, and looks to understand how practice is developing in organisations of varying size, age and industry. It draws on the results of a survey of Middle East organisations and in-depth case study research with nine organisations at different stages of their analytics journey.
Published: April 2015

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This report covers some of the latest thinking and innovative ideas in the field of change management that can help to land transformational change. Drawing on a comprehensive literature review on change management the report develops ten themes on transformational change practice to provide a platform of knowledge on designing, managing and embedding change essential for OD, L&D and HR professionals.

Published: September 2014

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This research is designed to help employers better understand the impact their people have on the performance of their organisation and as a result make better people management and workforce investment-related decisions.

Published: July 2014

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This report explores the capacity of individuals at all levels of an organisation to buy into and lead on the organisational agenda, highlighting how misaligned organisational structures and processes can get in the way of leadership.

Published: May 2014

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