UAE is world’s most popular emerging market for young jobseekers

Author: PM editorial | Date: 23 Nov 2016

Better salary and more opportunities for career advancement cited by Middle East millennials

The UAE is the world’s most popular ‘emerging market’ country among millennials looking to work abroad to advance their careers, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Shaper’s Survey 2016.
Among the top reasons given for wanting to work in the UAE by young people were a higher salary and greater opportunities for advancing their career. More than 20,000 millennials (those aged 18-35) were asked questions concerning economics, politics, values, technology and business as part of the survey.
“The UAE’s appeal lies in the enviable fact that the country is increasingly synonymous with an attitude that nothing is impossible,” said Adeyemi Babington-Ashaye, head of the Global Shapers Community of the World Economic Forum.
“The UAE combines excellent opportunities for young people and start-ups with a competitive economy and sends a clear signal that, if you want to build the future, come and build it in the UAE.”
The prospects for finding a job in the UAE played a big part in the country’s overall performance in the survey – only one in 10 respondents from the UAE said they see unemployment as a serious issue, compared to more than a third of respondents globally.
There was also widespread optimism about the impact of technology among MENA respondents, as 90 per cent of those asked believe new technology will create more jobs than it destroys.
However, the news for the public sector was less encouraging; MENA millennials were the least enthusiastic globally about government jobs. Twice as many (25 per cent) said they see a job in the public sector to be very unattractive compared to those who see it as attractive (10 per cent). In East Asia, the majority of respondents (56 per cent) said they see the service sector as attractive.
The public sector’s lack of appeal may have had something to do with an independent, entrepreneurial mindset among MENA respondents; it was the region where people were most likely (37 per cent) to want to work for themselves.
Earlier this year, a joint survey by and YouGov, came to a similar conclusion – finding that significant numbers of UAE professionals would like to be self-employed.