Government employees in UAE get greater compensation for work-related injuries and illness

Author: PM editorial | Date: 30 Nov 2016

Staff who cannot work may be entitled to receive their full salary for up to one year

Government employees of all nationalities are now better protected should they be injured or fall ill at work, under new legislation passed by the Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
Resolution No. 62 of 2016 provides a framework of compensation that employees may be eligible for, and a guide to rehabilitation for occupational injuries and diseases. The resolution will be published in the government’s official gazette and is effective from the date of publication.
It states that an injured employee will receive full salary for up to one year or until proven fit, disabled or until their death.
If a UAE national requires treatment exceeding one year, the case will be referred to the General Pension and Social Security Authority. For an expatriate, the case will be referred to a government authorised medical committee to look into extending his or her treatment for up to one more year.
In the case of work-related injury or disease causing partial disability, full disability or death, the compensation due is three years’ salary but not less than AED200,000 and not more than AED1,000,000.
The resolution also states that government departments should take all necessary measures to keep their employees safe, prepare a list of certain jobs that can expose employees to diseases and give their staff regular medical check-ups.
Should an employee suffer from any work-related illnesses or injuries, they will not be liable for the cost of healthcare until they are well again. But the employee must inform the relevant department at work within a week of any injury or illness. Failure to do so means the employer does not bear any responsibility.
This is not the first boost to employee rights this year in the UAE; maternity leave was extended to three months for government employees in Abu Dhabi.