UAE promises employees rights will be protected and says everyone should be safe at work

Author: PM editorial | Date: 11 May 2016

First annual Workers Welfare Report published by Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation

A new report published by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has promised to protect workers’ rights and punish those who abuse them.
The first annual Workers Welfare Report 2015 highlights labour rights in the UAE and aims to increase transparency around such issues, improve data reporting and ensure a fair discussion about transnational labour mobility and economic development.
All workers coming to the UAE should be "recruited and employed equitably, safe in their place of work, and free to advance professionally and personally," said the report.
There will be new decrees that allow workers to move freely between employers and a review of every aspect of working in the Emirates to make sure workers are treated respectfully at all times, and are able to report maltreatment.
“The UAE’s workforce is our greatest asset; the driver of growth that enables economic diversification and secures the future for tomorrow’s generation,” said Saqr Ghobash, minister of human resources and Emiratisation.
"The ministry is committed to ensuring our workforce is protected and its dynamism is harnessed for the good of all. Therefore the ministry has launched a series of initiatives and resolutions to promote workers' welfare in the country, most notably, standardising labour contracts in order to promote clarity and transparency for workers and employers," he said.
To deal with disputes, Ghobash said MOHRE has appointed 63 legal professionals and trained a further 100 members of staff.
The ministry will also be working with governments of labour-exporting countries, such as Bangladesh, to make sure their citizens are protected while in the UAE.
The report thanked the hard work of millions of people from all over the world for the UAE’s rapid growth in recent decades. "The United Arab Emirates is proud to host such a diverse, eclectic population. Proud, too, that at a time of economic slowdown in many parts of the world, the United Arab Emirates continued to create jobs and offer opportunities for people to better themselves, and better the prospects of their families and home nations, which directly benefits some of the world’s poorest communities.”