New Human Resources Authority for Abu Dhabi

Author: PM Editorial | Date: 02 Dec 2015

Government organization to oversee plans for HR policies and Emiratisation in the region

A new human resources authority has been established in Abu Dhabi, as part of a growing trend to professionalise and enhance the strategic capability of the function across the UAE.
The authority will specialise in the development of HR policies in the Emirate, and oversee plans for Emiratisation at government departments and organisations.
The ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, issued the law to establish the Abu Dhabi Human Resources Authority last week. It replaces the Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council, the civil services department and the Abu Dhabi government leadership centre within the Abu Dhabi Executive Council.
To meet demands in the labour market, the new authority may make recommendations to direct academic, vocational and technical training programmes, according to the official notice.
Through Emiratisation, the government of the UAE hopes to find jobs for more of its citizens in both the public and private sectors. The UAE’s Vision 2021 initiative aims to increase the numbers of UAE nationals working in the private sector from 20,000 in 2013 to around 200,000 by 2021.
Dubai already has a Federal Authority of Government HR (FAHR) which performs a similar role in raising standards of HR practice across the public sector, and which recently welcomed the opening of a CIPD hub in Dubai as evidence of the growing importance of HR to local organisations.