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17 August 2015
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How to recruit talent that stays – woo the family too

Targeting potential employees’ relatives could improve retention rates if they are relocating

Bahrain’s public sector succeeding with nationalisation, says government, but private sector must follow

Failure to meet Bahrainisation quotas will lead to fines or cancelled work permits

Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority partners with CIPD to develop HR skills

Agreement is the first of its kind in Qatar, and will provide access to accreditation for HR professionals

Q&A: Mahesh Shahdadpuri: “We’ll soon see temporary staff in highly skilled roles”

The CEO of TASC Outsourcing says organisations are turning to fixed-term employees as a more cost-efficient strategy

Oman’s young graduates are struggling to find jobs

The country’s millennials must adopt a culture of “survival of the fittest and self-development,” says recruitment expert

Many applicants for UAE leadership roles “are not equipped to lead”

Finding a mentor and developing soft-skills among the ways candidates can prepare for management roles

Q&A: Robert Mogielnicki: "More than a third of Saudis say 'entrepreneur' is their ideal job role"

Senior analyst at Oxford Strategic Consulting explains how the kingdom can get the most out of its national talent

New gender balance guide launched for the UAE workplace

Developed with OECD to provide practical instructions for employers to help the country achieve its equality targets

Four steps to remember for personal development at work

Author Carol Talbot explains why you should make a plan for yourself and commit to it

UAE tops global poll for highest proportion of 'disinterested' staff

You’re just as likely to get bored at work whether you’re a junior employee or the CEO, finds survey