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17 August 2015
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Gender gap is one of the most pressing challenges facing the labour market, says ILO

Increasing female workforce participation could add US$5.8 trillion to the global economy

How to introduce an internal social network

It can facilitate communication between colleagues and allow an organisation to broadcast its own news

New initiative to solve youth joblessness in Oman backed by OMR70 million government fund

High number of school dropouts cannot compete for jobs, says expert

New ruling exempts certain tasks from ban on working in midday heat

Most construction workers can stop during the hottest part of the day

HR headlines from the UK

What’s been happening in the UK this week, from men struggling to switch off to staff missing out on £3bn a year

Saudi employers increasingly aware of the benefits of women in leadership position, finds study

New research aims to provide practical recommendations for increasing the female workforce

Work permit fines issued to 52,765 UAE firms last year

Late renewals or incomplete registrations led to 141,000 penalties in total

Q&A: Anastasiya Golovatenko: “You can't talk to the outside world until your internal message is clear”

The communication expert on why HR is the first port of call in building a strong employer brand

UAE businesses ‘need more data-savvy HR professionals’

To extract proper value from data you need to understand what problems you are trying to solve, says analytics expert

HR headlines from the UK

From what the hung parliament means for HR to how many staff are quitting over career slumps, here are our top stories from the last week