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17 August 2015
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Q&A: Simon Stephens: “Could a reduction in expat reward compensate for the cost of VAT?”

Head of Middle East at Frazer Jones on how the introduction of VAT might affect benefits packages

Many employees distracted at work because of financial worries

Staff with money problems more likely to take time off sick or leave for higher-paid job

Saudi shopping malls can only hire local people, says Labor Ministry

Retail is the latest sector to exclude expats as kingdom tries to rebalance its working population

Opinion: making the most of an organisation’s human capital can be overlooked but is crucial to success

Emirates Institute of Banking & Financial Studies to offer CIPD accredited training

Courses will be available to more than 20,000 students on development programmes at the EIBFS each year

Should you invest in your stars or strugglers?

Hanan Nagi, founder of HNI Training & Coaching, discusses the value of spending time managing poor performers

New report shows four out of every five jobseekers in Saudi Arabia are female

Kingdom is making progress in getting more women into work – but there are still obstacles to tackle

UAE organisations ‘should pay to take care of their employees’ mental health’

Employers must take the lead on addressing depression without fear of being labelled as the cause of it, say experts

Most expats don’t have a pension, survey finds

Lack of planning for the future by a relatively young workforce could be a factor

UAE gender pay gap ‘may not be closed before 2066’

Gender Balance Council to launch guidelines for organisations to adopt gender-sensitive approach