Saudi Arabia announces plans to create 50,000 outsourcing jobs for women

Author: PM editorial | Date: 01 Jun 2016

Part of a strategy to increase female employment and reduce overall unemployment

Saudi Arabia’s ministry of labour and social development has laid out a national strategy to increase female employment by creating more than 50,000 outsourcing jobs for women.

The scheme will launch in the next two months and continue for two years. It has already provided part-time outsourcing jobs for 2,000 women, with salaries ranging from SAR 3,000 to SAR 9,000.

Around 100 private organisations are currently providing outsourcing positions in the KSA, as the scheme aims to bring more women into the workforce and address the lack of work available to them.

“One of the biggest obstacles to feminising the private and public sectors is providing a suitable work environment,” deputy labour and social development minister Abdulmunim Al Shihri told Gulf News. “A suitable environment for women includes appropriate facilities and services such as a day-care, separate restrooms, a transportation service and security.”

It is hoped the programme will appeal to women working in rural areas and small towns for whom transport is a problem.

Saudi Arabia recently announced its Vision 2030 for diversifying its economy and reducing its dependency on oil. Deputy crown prince Mohammed bin Salman wants to reduce overall unemployment from 11.6 per cent to seven per cent by.

Members of the Kingdom’s Shura Council have also called for women to be enrolled in military service. The deputy chairman of the council’s security committee, Major General Ali Al-Tamimi, has suggested that women could fulfil a number of roles, including security operations, inspections, interrogations, accounting and financial management.