Campaign launched to make foreign workers aware of their employment rights in UAE

Author: PM editorial | Date: 24 Feb 2016

Information kiosks in Dubai airport will contain brochures in five languages

A new campaign will make expats aware of employment law on arrival in the UAE, with information kiosks in Dubai airport.
Saqr Ghobash, minister of human resources and Emiratisation, recently launched the ‘Know Your Rights’ campaign. "The UAE is committed to providing all means of protection to workers’ rights while ensuring employers interests are met,” he said.
“This campaign demonstrates the ministry’s keenness to raise awareness among foreign workers that enter the labour market for the first time,” said Ghobash. “Especially when it comes to […] labour contracts approved by the ministry, cases of employment termination and granting workers new work permits to move from one facility to another.”
The airport kiosks will contain brochures on legal rights in five languages: Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu and Malayalam.
Three of the brochures’ five languages are native to India; of the 78 million passengers passing through Dubai airport each year, 10 million are Indian. The UAE is the most popular destination for Indian migrants, with the UN estimating almost three million people born in India live there.
Efforts to encourage immigration from India have been very effective in the UAE. Between 1990 and 2010, the number of Indians arriving in the country grew by almost six times from 458,294 to 2,666,225.
Legal guidelines in the booklets educate workers about the period before and after arriving in the country; make them aware of their rights and obligations while on duty; explain how to approach labour disputes; and give specific instructions on how to move to a new employer.
In addition to the information kiosks, there will be Know Your Rights programmes given in several languages at workers’ accommodation and workplaces.
The second phase of the campaign will include similar steps in Abu Dhabi International Airport and more programmes of information for labourers across the UAE.