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17 August 2015
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Kuwaiti government study suggests setting a timetable to stop hiring expats in private sector

MP calls for 5 per cent tax on money transfers out of the country

New e-recruitment system in Qatar aims to speed up hiring

Construction set to benefit most from new technology, but other sectors could follow

Digitisation expected to create half a million new jobs for Saudis by 2020

Country’s population is the most connected and best educated in its history, says Economist report

Managers in the UAE ‘forging better relationships with employees’

New survey shows approaches to leadership are evolving towards coaching and empowerment

Work stress causing sleeplessness for a quarter of UAE residents

Survey highlights the importance of a good night’s sleep on productivity at work

“Stop dreaming of government jobs,” UAE foreign minister tells young people

Youth urged to invest in themselves and aim high for big private sector roles

Government pushing to boost Emiratisation tenfold in the next five years

Foreign-owned private sector employers expected to hire more UAE nationals

How to cut down on email overload

There’s no need to groan every time you see your cluttered inbox in the morning

New report outlines how to improve gender diversity in the GCC

”The private sector clearly plays a pivotal role in change,” says executive director of the Pearl Initiative

Salaries in UAE predicted to rise by up to six per cent this year, says Cooper Fitch

HR hiring predicted to increase significantly after “sweeping redundancies” last year