Experience Assessment as a route to membership

Experience Assessment

11 August 2015
Experience Assessment is a straightforward way for you to use your recent HR or L&D experience and achieve professional membership of the CIPD. Experience Assessment caters specifically for HR and L&D professionals who have gained significant experience over the last three years and who don’t hold a CIPD qualification and want their credentials recognised against the industry standard.
To be successful, you’ll need to demonstrate – through your experience and knowledge – that you meet the requirements for the level of professional membership that you’re applying for. You can apply to become an Associate, Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow.
Read the information below to find out if Experience Assessment is the right route to membership for you.
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If you’re already working in HR and/or L&D and can provide a range of work-based evidence from predominantly the last three years, then Experience Assessment could be the route for you. Here’s some guidance to help you decide which level of professional membership to apply for.
Are you ready for Associate member?
  • Do you play an active and key role within your HR / L&D department?
  • Do you have consistent evidence of providing HR or L&D advice, support and guidance to managers and employers?
  • Can you demonstrate how you have supported HR or L&D programmes, projects and/or improvements within your organisation to deliver results?
  • Are you able to show how you build your understanding of HR / L&D and organisational issues to inform decision making?
Are you ready for Chartered Member?
  • Do you have consistent evidence of managing, developing and implementing complex HR or L&D projects and programmes gained in the last three years?
  • Can you demonstrate the impact of your HR or L&D work on the business using metrics, business outputs and feedback?
  • Do you work to timescales of around 12-18 months (for example planning HR business activity over a financial year or managing long projects)?
  • Do you have sustained evidence of aligning HR or L&D work to meet business needs?
  • Can you demonstrate your commercial understanding of your organisation(s) with evidence of developing or working on HR business cases?
Are you ready for Chartered Fellow?
  • Do you have evidence of developing, delivering and implementing wide-reaching and long-term HR or L&D strategy over the last three to five years?
  • Can you evidence the impact of this strategy through evaluation of business outputs such as business metrics, financial or people measures?
  • Can you demonstrate how you have integrated HR or L&D strategy with the business vision, strategy and objectives?
  • Do you work to timescales of three years or longer, for example developing, delivering and evaluating HR or L&D strategy over a period of time?
  • Are you commercially savvy with evidence of developing compelling HR and L&D business cases at a senior level?
Can existing CIPD members apply?
If you're an existing member wanting to enhance your current level of membership, please call us on +44 (0)20 8612 6208 to discuss your options.
You'll be asked to showcase your experience and knowledge by completing a number of online assessments. Although you’ll have a deadline to work towards, you’ll be able to work at your own pace, fitting the assessments around your busy schedule. But as a guide most candidates invest the equivalent of eight working days of their time to complete the assessments and become professional members in as little as four months.
Give us a call today on +44 (0)20 8612 6208 to book your FREE Pre-assessment discussion and start your journey towards CIPD professional membership.
Experience Assessment diagram
The cost of Experience Assessment varies depending on the level of professional membership you're applying for. The fee is payable after the free pre-assessment discussion and before you begin your online assessments.
Applying for Associate: £1,996 (click to convert currency)*
Applying for Chartered Member: £2,045 (click to convert currency)*
Applying for Chartered Fellow: £2,375 (click to convert currency)*
You'll also be required to pay the relevant membership fees before you start the assessment (only applicable if you're currently not in membership) – see below for the latest membership fees.

Fees for up to 12 months' membership

Joining fee
Subscription fee
 Associate member
£193 (click to convert currency)*
 1 July 2018
 Chartered Member
£220 (click to convert currency)*
 1 July 2018
 Chartered Fellow
£247 (click to convert currency)*
 1 July 2018

* The currency conversion listed is for guidance only. All fees need to be paid in GBP.
If Experience Assessment isn’t right for, why not consider one of the following options:
CIPD qualifications are a great way to progress your career. They’re internationally recognised and give you the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective HR or L&D professional. Successful completion leads to professional membership.
Affiliate membership is open to all and will give you immediate access to all our member services. Please note that Affiliate membership is not a professional grade of membership.
Academic membership is for individuals engaged in teaching, lecturing and research in the field of HR and L&D and provides an alternative route to professional membership.

For organisations

Experience Assessment for organisations allows you to benchmark your HR and L&D teams against our CIPD Profession Map which reflects the industry standard and reward their achievements with professional membership. Experience Assessment will enable your organisation to:
  • create targeted development plans across your HR and L&D functions
  • provide a highly rewarding development experience for your employees
  • professionalise your HR and L&D function through affiliation with the CIPD.
Experience Assessment for organisations can easily be incorporated into broader development initiatives and we’ll work with you to tailor our approach to meet your team’s specific needs.
Call us on +44 (0)20 8612 6208 to find out how the CIPD can help.
See how else the CIPD can work with you to improve your organisation's performance by strengthening your HR capability.